1. You reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from a member of our team which will contain your booking reference number.
  2. Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment time and wait outside the main entrance until your allocated time slot.
  3. If you have any changes to your booking that may alter the amount of time that your appointment will require, please telephone us on 0845 666 666 at least 24 hours before your appointment so that we can check that there is enough time available before the next client.
  4. If you need to cancel your booking, please telephone us on 0845 666 666 if it is within 24 hours of your appointment time, or if it is longer, please email us at [email protected].
  5. If you or a member of your household have or currently experience any of the recognised symptoms for Covid-19, you should stay at home and self isolate for 14 days.
  6. We will be observing social distancing at all times and members of our team will be wearing protective equipment, for your peace of mind and ours.